More Info on Power Swabs

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How Did It Become So Popular?

One of the most common questions people like to ask is how did Power Swabs become so popular despite the fact that so many people claiming that the product does not work and I have a few theories some of which I outlined in my power swabs teeth whitening reviews as to why this might be so. One of the main reasons why I think it became so popular was the fact that they utilized a marking technique which I coined as “blitzing the market” and what that essentially means is that they spend a huge sum of money on advertising. From TV to Radio and Online, they simply threw as much money as possible and had their product featured on credible sources. If you look at their YouTube channels, there has been a few individuals who claim that this is the cast. A lot of the fake testimonials that you see are actually advertisements disguised advertisements. Basically this company has performed aggressive marketing campaigns.

Why So Many Negative Reviews?

The second biggest question that people seem to often ask is why does this product has so many negative reviews and it simply comes down to people are claiming that they are not seeing any results after using the entire whitening kit. Also, on their website the company choose not to describe the whitening agent that’s used in their product. Because of this a lot of people who used their product ended up being pissed off at the fact that they weren’t getting the results promised. One of their previous released products had so many negative reviews on amazon that it got pulled entirely from amazon. I don’t know if this was done intentionally or if amazon decided to remove it due to all the negative reviews that their product was receiving. It has since been released on amazon (still having negative reviews).

Importance of Doing Research

This is why it’s super important to do your research before purchasing a teeth whitening product. You can almost always avoid purchasing a bogus product by simply doing an adequate amount of research beforehand. Me personally, once I seen the fact that this product does not have hydrogen peroxide listed as their active ingredients I would have immediately started to look for another product since dentist use hydrogen peroxide for a reason. Also, this product has had negative reviews since the first day it was released to market and customers started to purchase it. This is why I recommend always visiting sites like amazon to check the reviews and see what verified purchasers had to say about the product.


Now as far as alternatives goes I would recommend that if you’re looking for a teeth whitening product that works, the first thing you should do is make sure that product contains hydrogen peroxide as the active whitening agent. This will almost guarantee that you see some level of results and try to avoid any product that does not list hydrogen peroxide as the active whitening agent or any product that does not list what the active whitening agent is.